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SmartPlus® simplifies your media buying. This robust buying and planning tool is an easy-to-use multimedia application that gives you powerful analytic and reporting tools and outputs pre- and post-buy reports in formats that are ready for e-mailing or posting to your Web site. SmartPlus also includes a long list of convenient features that save you time and let you focus on getting the best campaign for your client.

Complete list of SmartPlus features

The perfect companion to SmartPlus, SmartReportsSM assembles broadcast and print into easily customizable reports that you create and design.

Data used in system:
Nielsen, Arbitron, Eastlan, NCC Spotcable vails and Sysfile, Scarborough Local Market Consumer, Electronic invoices from,, Marketron and


Tapscan™ Radio helps you find the best stations for your radio buy with detailed research, scheduling and reporting options.

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Data used in system:
Arbitron Respondent-Level Radio Data, Arbitron Summary Radio Data, Arbitron Black Radio Data, Arbitron Hispanic Radio Data, Eastlan Radio Data

Media Professional

Media ProfessionalSM is a buying and planning application that gives you access to Arbitron respondent-level radio ratings data and to listening data for otherwise non-reported stations. With Media Professional, you can more accurately define your geography target, highlight market trends and identify potential business opportunities.

Data used in system:
Arbitron Respondent-Level Radio, Scarborough Local Market, RetailDirect, Qualitative Diary

Media Professional Plus

Media Professional PlusSM enables you to buy and plan for radio without the restrictions of standard radio Metros. Create custom trade areas across multiple markets, using radio Metros, DMA®s and/or counties. Sort, analyze and research more than 13,000 stations based on formats, group owners and customized geographic areas.

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Data used in system:
Arbitron National Regional Database

Custom Coverage

Custom CoverageSM helps you analyze, plan and buy radio listening at both the county level and outside of standard Arbitron Metros.

Data used in system:
Arbitron County Coverage


TVSCAN® allows you to run demo, trending and ranking reports for television viewing data and plan, schedule and post television advertising.

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Data used in system:
Nielsen, Scarborough


QUALITAPSM helps you uncover the lifestyles and media habits of specific demographic and geographic groups. Profile your client's customers (or the competition's customers) using maps, graphs and easy-to-use "instant" reports.

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Data used in system:
Scarborough Local Market Consumer, Scarborough USA+ National, Scarborough Hispanic Consumer, RetailDirect®, Qualitative Diary, Media Audit


MEDIAMASTERSM is a mixed-media campaign reporting tool that helps you see the impact of an entire campaign. Examine radio, television, print, cable and outdoor media buys in a single report, all with the same base of comparison. You can even import TVSCAN and TAPSCAN schedules directly into MEDIAMASTER.

The ReportMaster feature inside MEDIAMASTER simplifies media buy analysis (by market, client, campaign, product, flight dates and more), giving you easy-to-create and -view reports. The PlanMaster management reporting tool allows you to assemble your multimedia, multimarket plan, complete with market-level reach and frequency estimates, when you input GRPs, budget and percent-by-goal daypart.

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Data used in system:
Scarborough Local Market Consumer, RetailDirect, Qualitative Diary


PrintPlus™ simplifies print buying and lets you do more work in less time. Automate ordering with publication groups, automatically calculate material and space closing dates, track cumulative column inches by publication and campaign, design custom insertion orders—you can even e-mail orders in a secure PDF format. Create reports for internal campaign management and client presentation, and store your preferences for repeated use. PrintPlus even connects directly to your billing database and allows file transfer to all popular agency accounting systems.

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The perfect companion to PrintPlus, SmartReports assembles broadcast and print into easily customizable reports that you create and design.


Marketmate-TV and Marketmate-Radio, from IMS, are planning applications that easily tabulate local market reach and frequency for all TV and radio markets. Whether you’re using these time-saving tools for current client planning or new business presentations, they’ll help your agency manage broadcast media planning and placement effortlessly. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, the "Mates" assist you in creating more successful media plans for your clients.

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NEWScope helps you effectively evaluate newspaper schedules on a market-by-market basis by giving you access to circulation data for both daily and Sunday newspapers.

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Bring it all together with MediaMix. Use this optimal system to combine reach and frequency results for broadcast TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, cable, outdoor and other media schedules to get bottom-line results for your media buy.

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MRPrf is a Web-based solution that helps you quickly create winning media plans. It combines all media and all markets in one easy-to-use application. All you need are an Internet connection and a Web browser.

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Brandfx is a powerful media flowcharting software that gives you all the flexibility and functionality of a spreadsheet along with all the analytical strength of a custom media flowchart program. The high-quality design of these presentation-ready charts will wow your clients.

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Local RollUp

Local RollUp is a versatile reporting solution that complements Brandfx perfectly. It applies advanced database technology that consolidates, organizes and summarizes all of your planning data from Brandfx flowcharts into a single, comprehensive information resource. Spend less time gathering information and more time putting it to use.

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