Advisory Council Information

What is the Nielsen Audio Advisory Council?

The Nielsen Audio Advisory Council was founded 30 years ago to provide valuable client feedback and advice to Nielsen. We serve as the voice of Nielsen radio industry clients, advising Nielsen on issues important to radio and helping to improve Nielsen services and policies. Over the years, the Council has encouraged Nielsen to introduce several important service and quality improvements including increases in Diary and PPM sample sizes, implementation of cell phone sampling and the introduction of sample quality benchmarks.  

Nielsen Audio Advisory Council: Your Peers in the Radio Industry

The Council's mission is to provide a forum for industry leaders to collaborate with Nielsen's senior management about the priorities, key business drivers and issues that are important to radio and advertising customers, provide feedback about how services and policies can be better aligned with customer needs, advise how Nielsen can enhance its communication and partnership initiatives and review and discuss the implications of services, policies or methods that may impact its customers.

The Council comprises 34 members as follows:

The Council meets twice a year in person; members of the Council and Nielsen executives also communicate via conference calls and e-mail, all with the goal of representing your interests as an Nielsen client.

Have a Question or Concern? Contact the Council!

To help the Council work more effectively, it's important that Nielsen radio station subscribers express their views and concerns to Council representatives. Click here for the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all Council members. If you have a general comment or you're not sure who your regular representative is, please send your comments to Council Chair Don Benson.

Last updated: 1.7.14