Among the guests scheduled to speak at the Nielsen Audio Client Conference and Jacobs Media Summit: Doug Banks, Steve Hasker, Tom Calderone, Mary Quass, Craig Jacobus, D.L. Hughley, Jeff Warshaw, and Steve Wexler.

The Nielsen Audio Client Conference and Jacobs Media Summit is an intensive two-day seminar that has been described as radio’s most compelling and thought-provoking learning opportunity for radio programmers and brand managers.

On December 11 and 12, attendees will experience:

  • The Nielsen Audio Client Conference: Learning sessions focused on helping radio content creators gain valuable insights from visionary speakers from both within and outside the radio industry and how to get value from Nielsen Audio.
  • The Jacobs Media Summit: An outstanding lineup of unique and thought-provoking speakers will share observations and ideas to help radio programmers and brand managers.
  • The Nielsen Audio Urban PD Clinic: Several hours of sessions for Urban Radio PDs. NOTE: We encourage all registrants to attend these sessions because you will get value from the content regardless of your station’s format.

Registration details are available here. Agenda details are below. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Nielsen Audio Client Conference and Jacobs Media Summit is open to Nielsen Audio clients, their consultants and researchers, and clients of the Radio Research Consortium.

Guest Presenters:

  • Steve Hasker is President, Global Product Leadership Team for Nielsen, and he will discuss the exciting new possibilities with audio measurement.
  • Doug Banks will share what he has learned about storytelling and managing his brand while producing the syndicated Doug Banks Radio Show.
  • Tom Calderone is a former Program Director and Consultant at Jacobs Media who joined MTV Networks in 1998 and is now President of VH1. Responsible for strategy and management for the network as well as digital media efforts and digital music networks including VH1 Classic and Palladia, Calderone will share insights from his unique experience that radio executives will find very valuable
  • D.L. Hughley will talk about incorporating his experience as a stand-up comedian, actor, and CNN personality into his syndicated afternoon D.L. Hughley Radio Show. Find out how he structures his material to relate to the everyday lives of his audience.
  • Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs, Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot and Nielsen’s Ian Beavis will explore the important topic, the “connected car” in “Radio & Automotive – a Look Down the Road.” The presentation includes exclusive video segments featuring marketers, engineers, and executives from some of the top automakers and Tier One suppliers.
  • Tory Johnson is a regular contributor to ABC’s “GMA,” America’s most-watched morning show. She also is the founder and CEO of Women For Hire. Johnson will help us find ways to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that pop up in everyone’s lives.
  • Steve Jones is VP of Programing for Newcap Radio in Canada and best-selling author of Brand Like a Rock Star: Lessons From Rock ’n’ Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous. Jones will share how radio stations can improve and build their brands based on lessons learned from artists like Kiss, Jimmy Buffett, and The Beatles.
  • Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz is not only a great storyteller but also knows what it takes to be a real-time social brand interacting with viewers around the clock, even during his show—live on Friday nights. Mankiewicz we’ll explore how personalities can become “social brands” by using new platforms to both connect locally and to inject personality into the conversation.
  • Chris Smith works on the marketing for major brands such as Motel 6, The Home Depot, and 7-Eleven as Brand Creative Group Head at The Richards Group. Additionally, Chris is a stand-up comedian and he’ll explain how he melds the advertising and performing disciplines to tell great stories about some iconic brands.
  • Dean Cappello is Chief Content Officer and SVP of Programming at WNYC/New York Public Radio. Drawing on his experience with programs such as RadioLab and Freakonomics, he will share how his approach to creating programming has evolved in recent years and the lessons learned along the way.
  • Claude Kelly has been nominated for both a Grammy and a Billboard Award as a singer-songwriter for many superstar artists, including Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, The Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. Learn about how he uses music to tell a story and what the creative process means to him.
  • Ronnie Stanton is the Senior Brand Director for Corus Entertainment in Vancouver and he will join Warren Kurtzman from Coleman Insights to talk about programming and managing radio station brands during The Canadian PPM Experience, a look at how PPM is used north of the border.

Urban PD Clinic


“The State of Urban Radio,” Nielsen Audio Programming Services Team


“Urban Top Performers,” Jenny Tsao, Nielsen Audio Programming Services


“Every Day Matters,” Jon Miller, Nielsen Audio Programming Services


“Urban Radio Listener Profile,” Gary Meo, Scarborough


Special Guest D.L. Hughley, Radio Host & Commentator, Reach Media


“Social Media/Branding,” Jacquelyn Bullerman, Nielsen Audio Digital Media Manager

Nielsen Audio Client Conference


Steve Hasker, President, Global Product Leadership, Nielsen


Lunch, featuring a conversation with Doug Banks, AURN with Skip Dillard, WBLS-FM New York


“Brand Like a Rock Star,” Steve Jones, Newcap Radio


“How Do You Tell Your Story?,” Tory Johnson, Good Morning America contributor


“How Public Radio Tells a Good Story,” Dean Cappello, WNYC NY; Eric Nuzum, NPR; Guy Raz, TED Radio Hour


“Storytelling in 60 Seconds,” Chris Smith, Richards Group


A conversation with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Claude Kelly (courtesy of BMI)





Introduction by Nielsen’s Matt O’Grady, EVP & General Manager, Local Media and Farshad Family, SVP Local Media – Product Leadership.


Jacobs Media Summit


Word of Mouth
“Radio and Word of Mouth,” Ed Keller, Tripp Eldredge, DMR Interactive


Radio CEO panel featuring Craig Jacobus, South Central Communications; Mary Quass, NRG Media; Jeff Warshaw, Connoisseur Media; Steve Wexler, Journal Broadcast Group


A conversation with Tom Calderone, President of VH1


Lunch, featuring “The Connected Car,” with Fred Jacobs, Roger Lanctot, Strategy Analytics and Ian Beavis, EVP Global Automotive Group, Nielsen.


“Running Your Next Campaign,” an interview with top political pollsters Mark Mellman and David Winston, hosted by Larry Rosin and Joe Lenski, Edison Research


“A View into Today’s Consumer Attitudes,” Gary Meo, Scarborough


“The Canadian PPM Experience,” Ronnie Stanton, Corus Radio; Warren Kurtzman, Coleman Insights


“The Anatomy of the Year’s Top Songs,” Philippe Generali, Media Monitors


Nielsen-tronics,” Nielsen Audio Programming Services Team