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Arbitron is a leader in providing custom media research and training. Our innovative media and consumer research solutions address our clients' specific business needs, allowing them to succeed in today’s media environment.

Download: The 2009 Arbitron National In-Car Study (PDF)

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The Infinite Dial 2013: Navigating Digital Platforms
In the latest study from Arbitron and Edison Research, we continue to explore how radio expands its reach beyond the AM and FM bands, and how users of online radio are spending their time with other forms of media.

The Arbitron Bar Media Report (PDF)
In-bar advertising has traditionally conjured up images of neon-lit signs promoting beverages for sale. The new bar landscape features a wide range of nonendemic brand messages designed to take advantage of the young, upwardly mobile crowds these establishments attract. Learn more about the demographics of this audience and what sets them apart.

Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland Case Study (PDF)
The Digital Billboard Report reveals new insights about travelers’ awareness and attitudes toward digital billboards on major highways and gauges their level of engagement. In this study of Cleveland travelers, more than eight out of 10 could successfully recall at least one of the ads running during the survey period and the majority of commuters agreed that digital billboards are a “cool way to advertise.”

The Arbitron Away-From-Home Television Viewing Study (PDF)
The Arbitron Away-From-Home Television Viewing Study found that the viewing habits of television viewers are more nomadic than previously thought.  More than one out of every three television viewers (35 percent) spend some portion of their weekly television viewing hours at a location other than their own home.  This study delves into the out-of-home television exposure of viewers and what those viewers look like.

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