Custom Survey Area Reports

Nielsen Custom Survey Area Reports (CSARs) are based on customized market areas specified by clients. CSARs measure radio listening in extended-Metro geographies with substantial commerce. Because agencies often don't have access to Respondent-Level radio data, they can't customize the geography to an advertiser's true trade area—the CSARs do that for them. The CSAR uses substantially the same methodology as our syndicated measurement service so you can use the estimates in the same way that you use our standard ratings data—we even produce an Nielsen Radio eBookSM for CSAR markets. CSARs are also used to assess an area's potential as a future Nielsen Radio Metro market.

CSAR data are also available for purchase by advertising agencies and marketers, and can be viewed using Maximi$er®, TAPSCAN™ or other ratings analysis software. Below is a list of recent Custom Survey Area Reports available from Nielsen.

To purchase data from an existing report or to get additional information about ordering a new CSAR, please contact your Nielsen client service representative.

CSAR Market SU12 SP12 WI12 SP13
Baltimore/Philadelphia/Salisbury Combo       x
Champaign & Springfield-Decatur DMA   x   x
Dover CSAR   x    
Meridian   x    
New England North       x
New York-Philadelphia Spcl Combo   x   x
Puerto Rico - East x x x x
Puerto Rico - North x x x x
Puerto Rico - Northeast x x x x
Puerto Rico - San Juan x x x x
Puerto Rico - South x x x x
Puerto Rico - West x x x x
Roanoke-Lynchburg-New River Valley   x   x
Sunbury-Selinsgrove-Lewisburg CSA       x
WMEV Region   x    

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