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Dive Into Your PPM Data

There is a very familiar look and feel to the PPM Analysis Tool. Arbitron hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel, just make it ride smoother, go farther and take advantage of all that electronic measurement offers.

The PPM Analysis Tool:

Customers have the option to use any number of software programs—including TAPSCAN™ and SmartPlus®—to explore the summary-level data.

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Accredited by the MRC

PPM Analysis Tool is accredited by Media Rating Council and reports both accredited and non-accredited data. For a list of the accredited Arbitron markets available through PPM Analysis Tool, click here.

Standard and Customized Analysis

With the PPM software, the data can be sorted and viewed by standard demographics, survey periods and dayparts or by customized criteria, including:

Reports can then be created and output as Excel® or PDF files with just one mouse click.

Reports Just for Programmers

The software was specifically designed to explore the new insights delivered by the PPM, such as audience flow—the percentage of the audience that tuned out and where that audience went.

With the PPM software, program directors can explore five special audience flow reports for a detailed look at audience behavior:

Weeklies Data With PPM Analysis Tool Granularity

Subscribers to Arbtron PPM Weeklies data** can access the Respondent-Level Data through the PPM Analysis Tool. This gives users a timelier, more granular look at radio listeners. They can understand the impact of major events on listening levels sooner and dive into the socio-economic make-up of their listeners.

Other PPM Analysis Tool Features

PPM Analysis Tool and PPM Weeklies™ Requirements (PDF)4.2.2012

* These reports only run the Monthly, Currency data. They will not run Weeklies data.
**Weeklies data is only available to radio clients.

SmartPlus®, PPM®, PPM Analysis ToolSM and PPM Weeklies™ are marks of Arbitron Inc.
Tapscan™ is a trademark of Tapscan Inc., used under license.

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